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                    "KINGDOM NEWS"
We welcome you to the newest page on our website!  It is our church newsletter called "Kingdom News" that will be published quarterly!
The articles in the newsletter are written by members of this ministry in hope that they will encourage us in your walk with God as well as in our daily living.  On the front page there will always be an article entitled "From the Pastor's Desk" that will give words to edify the Body of Christ.  Throughout the newsletter are articles for our youth, the married and the singles, for the ladies and for the gentlemen.  The "Mothers of Zion", who are our Church Mothers, are writing articles as well to enlighten and encourage us.  There will be from time to time, articles of members in our ministries that God had done miraculous healing and deliverance for.  Our quarterly ministry calendar called "Mark Your Calendars - Here's What's Going On" is there to let you know what will be going on at Kingdom Church & Ministries. There are also articles on health, finance, announcements, pages of advertisements and pages just for fun and enjoyment.
We pray that "Kingdom News" will be a blessing and an enjoyment as you read it!  
To read the "Kingdom News", click on the links below.  
                     Kingdom News - March 2015 - Issue I
                     Kingdom News - June 2015 - Issue II
                     Kingdom News - September 2015 - Issue III
                     Kingdom News - December 2015 - Issue IV
                     Kingdom News - 2016 Spring Edition - Issue V
                     Kingdom News - 2016 Summer Edition - Issue VI
                       Kingdom News - 2016 Fall Edition - Issue VII
                     Kingdom News - 2016 Winter Edition - Issue VIII
                       Kingdom News - 2017 Spring Edition - Issue IX
                     Kingdom News - 2017 Summer Edition - Issue X
                     Kingdom News - 2017 Fall Edition - Issue XI
                     Kingdom News - 2017 Winter Edition - Issue XII
                     Kingdom News - 2018 Spring Edition - Issue XIII
                       Kingdom News - 2019 Spring Edition - Issue XVII

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